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Guess I'm gonna cry again, say goodbye again. Guess I'm gonna lose my head cuz I've been standing here a while, trying to force a smile Trying real hard to pretend.. But I just don't have a peaceful mind, I'm the heavy-hearted bitter kind. And I'd like to think that I'm alright but I'm losing it tonight.

Watching everybody laughing, looking like they're having so much fun. While I'm in the corner, can't you see I'm breaking, no one knows I'm waiting for this nightmare to be done. I just wanna run. 
Guess I'll wipe my teary eyes, throw on my disguise and check my worries at the door. Then I'll look at the mirrors, while I see at myself and leave my heart out on the floor.

Don't know where I belong
In a room full of people I'm so alone
Living a life that's not my own