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broken hearted girl

When you need someone to hold on to, they're not there. When you need a helping hand, they pull away. When you need a shoulder to cry on, they run away. When you are at your worst, they disappear and re-appear when you're okay. Why is the world such a fucked up place? Why can't people just act human for a change? Why do friends betray us? Why do lovers cheat on us? anyone ?

why are you constantly changing? Why are you doing this? Why you hurting me ? Why you treat me like I'm rubish?
I can't believe you would actually think I never loved you.
Just because I wrote all this bullshit, doesn't mean I've been writing it all the time. I wrote it when I was having a bad day. But I guess you can't hear what I'm saying cause your heart's blocking it. I haven't stopped crying all night. I tried calling but your phone's off. I even miscalled your friend's phone. I texted him! I went to the hospital, for a check up. I felt really sick.
I went Humairak house's . I cried and i told her that I'm too weak. Why my friend worried about me ? but why not you?! I cried..... What more can I say about life ? ITS JUST SUCK!
with love , eeya rosly

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