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What am I gonna to do when the best part of me was always you

Why are you doing this? Am I hurting you? Are you hurting yourself? Why can't you tell me.. I'm lost in space. I don't know who you are anymore. You're so different. When I ask you, you say it's only for today. But today was yesterday & you're still that alien-guy I don't know. Do you think this is something funny? That I don't care about what's up with you weird behaviors? Baby I care about you more than Edward cared about Bella. Why can't you open up to me? Why treat me like I'm rubbish? I'm sure if I say this to you, you wouldn't accept it cause let's face it, you're never gonna accept your weakness. You get mad if I say it, you tend to start a big argument when I talk about.

Baby ,can't you be unselfish for once in your life? You have no idea how much I do love you but without knowing, you're pushing me further away.If you no longer love me like you did, just say it to my face. I can't do this pain no longer. It's killing me slowly.Our relationship is like a broken string.I'm waiting for your call :'( I'm waiting for your texted ! I'm sick whit this shits happen ! Baby , You promised me , you will take care of me forever. AND where is it ? I'm hurt . Why you make me cried? Why you are so changing ? I tried to calling you... But you ignore me . You always said the same things but why you always do the same things that i hate !?

Why do you have to make it more harder than it already is? My love, time passes by. And you can never get them back. Just open your eyes & think logically. Will you see me tomorrow? No one knows. God has His own plans. And so do I..

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