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Where there is love there is life .

For these times in my life, I thought reality was in front of me. Well, I was wrong. Today I have learnt that reality is always harder than you ought it to be. Things you imagine, turns out to be things you already knew of. Things you ask for answers, are already answered with the answers we do not like. That one love you thought was all that matters in a relationship, is just the main obstacles in the other fucking-god-damn matters. You always thought of life as something that you can handle on your own, like those doll houses where you decide everything. The chairs, the tables, the beds, the chandeliers.. Everything is your choice. Everything is done according to your desires. I wish life was like that. Honey, sorry to burst your bubble. Life is not even CLOSE to that. It's 20 times harder. I bet you it is. I guess, well at least to me, love is the main problem in life. Love contracts everything in its way. It fucks you up if you fuck it up. Love is no game, you ain't got no playmate darling. Love is war, it is like a battlefield out there. If you don't have your armor, get ready to be beaten down to the ground. I've been there, I've fallen down, I've died because of love.

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