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Everybody has those moment where they just feel down, sad, miserable for no reason. I get those vibes quite often lately and frankly speaking, I wish it never comes back. I do not enjoy that forlorn feeling it gives me. Makes me feel like I'm just a speck of dust in this galaxy. Well, technically I am a speck of dust in this universe but you know what I mean (I hope so). 

Don't you ever wonder why we feel this way? I mean even the happiest people could be pulled down by these heavy thoughts once they're caught up in it. It's so mysterious. Nobody could ever (in my opinion) give me the most accurate answer. Some say "it's normal", some say "human nature". So many answers but it never really satisfies this monster inside me. I guess it's just because every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Once you're happy, you will ought to feel sad. One thing I do believe in when it comes to this topic is this: in order to appreciate happiness, you need to experience the feeling of sadness. Now, that I agree with. Still, doesn't really make me understand why sadness would pop out of nowhere like a pimple on a teenage girl's face. FYI, I hate pimples.

I guess I just have to let the mysterious world keep its mysterious ways. There's never really only just an answer to these questions we have. Explanations can lead on to more theories and that leads to more questionable thoughts. Let's just say this is God's way of making human, well, human. Humans have feelings and I'm guessing this is why we're so complicated. I mean, a robot doesn't have feelings. A robot never has any complications only maintenance is needed. Unless you're like Wall-E, I mean. That robot has more feelings than a human. You get my whole point here, though.

If life was ever so easy, we won't have an adventure. That's how I see it.

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