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Red Heart

I kinda feel sad for this blog. I only come to it whenever I feel like I have literally nothing better to do. I'm sorry blog. You know deep down inside you're the only bowl I can fill with my cereal-like thoughts. To be honest, you're probably my best friend. I can write anything I feel like whenever I'm here. Blegh, best friends or normal friends, they're all the same as long as they're nice, I guess? I don't even know what I'm saying anymore. Just blabbering like a madafakah.

So yeah , Now is 2.14AM and im still wide awake. So tonight I was learn how to let it go a person who mean so much for me. So tell me, Why this thing always happens to me? I mean like why LOVE GOING TO BE BLIND ? I lose my hopes for many things/everything. I lose my trust on people . I get paranoid for being hurts. I'm tired for everything that i wanted for in my life , they often not be by my side or hold on me. My question is why? 

"People call you heartless when you don't care. But when you do, you get taken advantaged of. Such is life" - Yes , I agree with.  Sometimes , I dont understand with 'life' i had for now. The more i growth , the more advantage comes into my life. Ive been weak sometimes , but when I thinking back , I know God wanna test me and i know everything happens to me got a reason. Perhaps good for me but weak for my heart . (Cry)  I'm Eighteen , I deserve to be happy because i know i have a long journey (life) . It's okay to be sad on this feelings eeya . You are humans being and you have RED HEART that deeply breath . Its okay to feels this way. Or perhaps this is experience for you. Live your life. Let it go. You'll be fine Dear Heart , Trust me.

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